Foto:: Robin Harschen

"Every time that somebody tries to describe or classify the collection,  the same thing happens::they quickly find something that contradicts and refutes the attempt!"

Marion Strehlow is a fashion designer based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Her unique style is:

exceptional...without being intrusive,
special... without feeling disguised,
modern.. but timeless.

There is a women's collection and a variety of unisex pieces, which are also worn by men.

Additionally, there is a men´s collection.

Her clear style is emphasized by colours and is often interrupted with surprising details.
The frequent use of coloured accents or cuttings attracts attention.                                 

Cotton & wool fabrics often have unusual structures and a soft but firm grip.
Muted colours emphasise a restrained style.
Elements of the collection are in constant progression.

The handbags are a logical consequence of the collection::

A handbag should be something very special, but also restrained.
It may attract attention, but should also be adaptive.
It simply has to be a constant companion, functional and be convenient for everything!

The straight lines of the handbags are interrupted by coloured cuts or surprising details.

All bags are hand-made from soft leather in Duesseldorf.

The collections are presented at regular intervals in different cities and at special locations.
Goods can be viewed, tried on and purchased.
These dates will be announced in time.



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